Montpelier Re Holdings, Ltd.: An Insurance Holding Company


Montpelier Re Holdings, Ltd. was a holding company that operates its corporate office in Pembroke, Bermuda. It had several subsidiaries that operate based in Bermuda and offered insurance and reinsurance solutions.

The company provided access to the global property reinsurance market to their institutional and retail investors. Its main operating subsidiary was the Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd. The latter was registered as a Class four insurer. In July 2015, the entire company was acquired by Endurance, Inc. All of the assets of the business were merged with the existing operations of Endurance. The acquisition deal was valued to be around $40.24 per common shares. Subsequently, Montpelier Re Holdings, Ltd. got delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

The acquisition of the company further bolstered the position of Endurance in the specialty insurance market. Endurance is a multi-billion insurance company, which was started in 2001. It operates on a global scale and offers a wide range of insurance and reinsurance solutions.

Markel Corporation: A Global Holding Company for Insurance Businesses


The history of Markel Corporation goes back to its founding in 1930. The company is currently headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and engages in insurance, reinsurance and investment operations. It serves as a holding company for several subsidiaries that operate on a global scale.

Markel Corporation operates in three segments that are further divided into several divisions. Under their Insurance segment are four divisions, namely Markel Specialty, Markel Wholesale, Markel Global and Markel International. The Reinsurance unit is represented by Markel Global Reinsurance, while the Investment Operations is embodied by Markel Ventures. As a global venture, these businesses continue to operate in 20 countries around the world and maintain more than 60 offices. Through Markel Ventures, the business continues to take advantage of growth outside the insurance market. The company allocates capital in opportunities that have attracted returns.

Markel Specialty offers property and casualty solutions to individuals and commercial customers. These solutions cover ATV owners, motorcycles, boats, child care centers, camps, horses and farms, medical transportation, fine art collections, schools, small businesses and pest control operators, among others. Markel Global offers professional liability, property, marine, trade credit, excess liability and several other solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of several segments of the marketplace. When coverage is not available in the standard market, Markel Wholesale continues to offer creative excess and surplus lines insurance solutions. The Markel International operations continue to oversee their businesses across Latin America, UK, Europe, Canada, and the Asia Pacific.

Working on becoming the preferred partner in the industries it serves, Markel Corporation provides innovative solutions and services that would keep on attracting new clients. The company continues to embrace a culture of transparency, honesty and integrity, among others. Markel Corporation remains publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and uses the symbol MKL.

Wildlife Forever: Provides Funding Support for Conservation Programs


Established in 1987, Wildlife Forever is a multi-awarded environmental conservation organization focused on providing funding support for conservation programs across North America. Since its inception, it has funded more than a thousand projects in all 50 states of the United States as well as in Canada with the funding coursed through federal agencies, state game and fish departments, and special interest conservation groups, among others.

Wildlife Forever usually identifies its target beneficiaries based on their programs and projects related to research, management, and land acquisition as well as educational purposes. Grassroots programs are preferred because of their localized impact.

Among Wildlife Forever’s accomplishments are:

• Purchase of over 32,300 acres of land used for public recreation purposes
• Construction of over 9,200 waterfowl and bird nesting structures
• Wetland restoration of over 29,400 acres
• Planting of over 132,200 trees in national forests
• Implementation of better land management practices including reforestation

For its efforts, Wildlife Forever has been recognized with several awards including the Annual Telly Awards, the National Invasive Species Program Award, and the Conservation Achievement Award by the American Fisheries Society.

Wild Salmon Center: Champion of Fishes


Founded by Tom Pero and Pete Soverel in 1992 as a non-profit, the Wild Salmon Center (WSC) has progressed from being a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers for five years to an international conservation organization that works with governments, businesses, and communities as well as other non-profit entities in several countries. From its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the WSC maintains a strong conservation presence in several areas including Japan, Russia, British Columbia, Alaska, California, and Oregon.

In 1998, Guido Rahr was hired as Executive Director – and thus WSC became an even stronger presence in wildlife conservation. Rahr introduced the stronghold strategy, which he developed during his stint at Oregon Trout, also a conservation organization.

The WSC rapidly expanded when its budget increased from $631,000 in 1999 to $8 million in 2010. Today, the non-profit international environmental organization is dedicated to the protection and conservation of wild salmon, trout, and char as well as the ecosystems where these fishes depend on for their survival.

The Conservation Angler was established as an organization within the WSC in 2003 with its main job being to implement the ecotourism programs. The WSC was then able to focus exclusively on conservation including the science involved in it, such as the State of the Salmon program.

The said science-based program, which was created in collaboration with Ecotrust in 2003, uses data collected from the wild in tracking the health, trends and movement of wild salmon populations. The data will then be used as information in salmon conservation and management across the Pacific Rim area.

The WSC adopted the stronghold strategy in 1999 when Rahr entered its fold. Basically, this is a regional and international approach wherein salmon strongholds are identified so that effective, efficient, and proactive conservation solutions can be applied.

The organization has racked up several achievements since its creation. These include the implementation of projects in habitat protection, scientific research, and fisheries improvement in dozens of rivers across its coverage areas; the distribution of more than $50 million in grants; and the creation of eight conservation organizations as well as the protection of over 8 million acres of fish habitats, among others.

GNC Holdings, Inc.: Marketing Nutritional Supplements

Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, GNC Holdings, Inc. continues to engage in the retailing industry. The business markets its common shares using the ticker symbol GNC. The operations of the company are geared towards working on its goal to “help consumers live well.”

As a global specialty retailer, GNC Holdings, Inc. markets health and wellness products, which include herbal supplement products, diet products, vitamins, minerals, and sport nutrition products. The products of the company are marketed through its network of retail stores, domestic and international franchises, corporate partnerships, e-commerce and through third party contract manufacturing. These nutritional products are marketed under the brand names GNC PureedgeTM, Herbal Plus, GNC GenetixHD, Beyond Raw, Pro Performance, Total LeanTM, Ultra Mega, and Mega Men.

GNC Holdings is a component of the Russell 3000 Index and currently holds its corporate office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was in February 2007 that the business got incorporated.

Globant: A Global Software Developer

Headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Globant operates as a global software development company. It was created by Martin Migoya, Nestor Nocetti, Martin Umaran and Guibert Englebienne in 2003. Martin Migoya currently acts as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. The business is a multi-million venture and works with companies around the world to create the best software and mobile applications.

Currently, the company has more than 4,500 professionals, who are working on projects for businesses like Zynga, LinkedIn, Google and JWT, among others. Leveraging on emerging technologies and trends, Globant continues to create a new breed of technology and delivers innovative solutions to their business partners. It has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, the United States and in the United Kingdom.

The expertise of the company in developing software is evident in the success of various well-loved brand names in the world. The business is a melting pot of engineering skills, innovative solutions and aggressive designers, who are hungry and eager to show the world the latest technology to change our lifestyle. For its contribution to technological advancement, IDC Survey has recognized Globant as part of the Top 10 Vendors in Mobile Application Development. Global Services has also named the company as part of the Top 10 Product Engineering Vendors in 2011. Globant has also been featured as part of the case study presented in elite institutions like MIT, Harvard and Stanford, among others.

The growth of the business is strongly attributed to the aggressive stance of the business to acquire competing brand names. Currently, the products and services offered by Globant include software development, social network development, infrastructure management, mobile application development and mainframe migration. As of 2014, the business has more than 3,700 professionals working around the world. In the same year, the business made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange and started marketing its stocks using the symbol GLOB.

Dime Community Bancshares: A Bank Holding Company


Dime Community Bancshares operates as the parent business of The Dime Savings Bank. The company is registered as a unitary savings and loan holding company. The operations of the business are carried out by the bank.

It is in Brooklyn, New York that the company holds its corporate office. It was incorporated in June 1998 and primarily engages in gathering retail deposits to fuel their lending activities. The company offers a wide range of financial services that are uniquely tailored to their clients’ needs. Just like any community bank, they put strong emphasis on the solutions they offer to small and medium-sized ventures, that remain as the backbone of the communities they thrive in.

The Dime Savings Bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. As of December 2014, the company has reported their deposits to be around $2.66  billion. Dime Community Bancshares continues to publicly trade on the NASDAQ (DCOM).

Daily Journal Corporation: A Publication and Information Services Company


Registered as a publisher and a provider of information services, Daily Journal Corporation started its venture in 1986. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is currently being overseen by Gerald Salzman, as CEO. Additionally, the company’s chairman is Charles T. Munger, who is best known for being the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Thriving in the publishing industry, Daily Journal Corporation continues to publish newspapers and websites that cover news and updates in California and Arizona. Daily Journal is also best known for its specialty in public notice advertising. There are two reporting segments within the venture, namely Traditional Business and Journal Technologies. These two divisions are represented by several subsidiaries that help generate the multi-million dollar annual revenue of the corporation.

The Traditional Business division continues to engage in the publishing of magazines and newspapers. This segment also offers other related publishing services to clients across the two states. The two largest publications of this division are the San Francisco Daily Journal and the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Their Journal Technologies unit is represented by three businesses, namely ISD Technologies, Inc., New Dawn Technologies, Inc. and Sustain Technologies, Inc. These subsidiaries engage in supplying case management software systems to courts and other justice agencies. Their flagship product is the eCourt, which is a web-based case processing system. This platform is currently licensed to more than 500 organizations that are located in 43 states in the country. There are also two other countries where this technology is made available to.

More than 200 associates are working for the business. Daily Journal Corporation continues to publicly trade on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol DJCO. The company is listed as one of the components of the Russell 3000 Index.

CEB, Inc.: Provider of Advisory Services

CEB, Inc. is a global venture that thrives in the industry of advisory services. The company is headquartered in Washington, D. C. and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, using the ticker symbol CEB.

The company is registered as a best practice insight and technology venture. The products and services offered by the company are intended to drive corporate performance. They continue to wield their expertise in various industries to provide innovative solutions that would help unlock the full potential of businesses. Annually, they are able to empower more than 20,000 executives from more than 10,000 organizations around the world with the intelligence they need to quickly respond to the evolving market conditions.

CEB, Inc. exists to provide the insights to help top tier manage their business smoothly and exceed their business objectives. The company has expertise in the field of financial services, information technology, human resources, legal, risk and compliance, government, finance and marketing and communications, among others.

Boston Private Financial Holding, Inc.: A Financial Services Holding Business


Registered as a financial services holding company, Boston Private Financial Holding, Inc. operates in several states in the country. The business is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and was incorporated in September 1987. The company is the parent venture of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company.

The operations of the business are segmented into four reporting units, namely Private Banking, Investment Management, Wealth Management and Trust and Wealth Advisory. The products and services of the business are offered to customers, businesses and select institutions. They also cater to the needs of high net worth individuals.

The Private Banking segment of the company is represented by the Boston Private Bank. The latter was chartered in the state of Massachusetts and is listed as a trust company. The operations of the bank are divided into three regions, namely Southern California, New England and San Francisco Bay. The services offered by this segment are geared towards addressing the needs of privately owned businesses, non-profit organizations, private partnerships and high net worth individuals. The Investment Management segment is carried out by two affiliates: Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co., LLC and Anchor Capital Advisors LLC. These investment managers are located in New England and New York. They cater to the investment needs of a wide range of clientele. Wealth Management is represented by the wealth management and trust business of Boston Private Bank and Boston Private Wealth, LLC. There are two affiliates that are categorized under the Wealth Advisory division of Boston Private Financial Holding. These businesses include KLS Professional Advisors Group, LLC and Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, LLC. These firms provide wealth advisory services on a fee-only basis.

Boston Private Financial Holding, Inc. operates as a trusted source of innovative solutions that are geared towards helping their customers reach their financial goals. The company remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol BPFH.