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We know the issues that surround renters.  Initially, they had represented a lower income demography.  The uncertainty in this economic climate with joblessness and tight belted banks is changing the look of who the typical renter might be today. We’re looking at a young professional and family crowd entering the rental scene.

Renters typically need laundromats.  These renters will need to wash their clothes among other issues as: whether it’s due to the smaller facilities in the rental unit, a compliance issue with the machines they already had, or simply the decision to wait to get into a house before splurging on new appliances, The first thoughts that come to mind when we think of a laundromat is unclean, unkempt, and a little scary.  But perhaps that’s about to change.  The World’s Largest Laundromat in Berwyn, Illinois is trying really hard to change the once dingy, gloomy laundromat idea.  They have big screen tv’s, pizza nights, and a family friendly mascot that occassionally pops in.  But when you look at the large sea of silver machines, you still get that cold scary feeling.

What if the look of the laundromat change with the concept? Think a Starbucks where you could do your laundry.  In Munich, Germany they’ve done just that at Wash & Coffee with  loungy benches, free wi-fi, gourmet coffee, sandwiches and soups. They even have an ironing service available.The ambiance is further enhanced by regular entertainment such as live bands and stand-up comedy.  Most likely, many of us would much rather do our laundry in a place like this.