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Have you ever noticed your dog squinting in the sunlight? This is exactly what preempted Ken and Roni Di Lullo to get into manufacturing goggles for their dog, hence “Doggles” of NC.  Tinted and so cute, these are sold in 4500 stores across 16 countries.

Although they made the “most useless inventions list” on UK’s Daily Mail, they actually have proven to be more than a fashion accessory.  They began putting prescription lenses for impaired dogs and they actually were the saving grace for one UK dog with a rare autoimmune disorder.  The dog could not produce tears, and the Doggles helped keep its eyes from drying out.  This event became the premise behind sending the Doggles to military dogs in Iraq.  Not only did Doggles protect working dogs’ eyes from the hot piercing sun but these also shielded them from the wind and sandstorms.

Veterinarians all around the world are reporting practical uses for the Doggles.  In one instance, a vet helped a terrier with an ophthalmological condition which caused it to see spots or floaters when the sun shone on its eyes.  The dog would yelp,twist and turn in order to try to get rid of those floaters.  Once it wore the Doggles, the problem seemed to have been solved.

Ken and Roni surely did tap into the right market. The APPA (American Pet Products Association) states that according to their 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet which equates to 72.9 million homes.