The Coca-Cola Company is the maker of the world’s popular soft drinks and beverages, from Diet Coke to Gatorade. With their goal of refreshing the world, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value, and making a difference, the company today stands as one of the most popular consumer brands.

Aside from providing refreshing products, the Coca-Cola Company also established their presence in the community through philanthropy.   With its philanthropic arm, the Coca-Cola Foundation, the company aims to make a larger impact in communities all over the world by responding to people’s needs.

To make this happen, the Coca-Cola Foundation works with local communities as well as governmental and nongovernmental organizations to support projects relevant to the needs of the local population. Their programs, which also include initiatives unique to the needs of a specific community, are focused on areas where sustainable change is required.

An example of this is Coca-Cola’s “We are the World” Campaign, launched 25 years ago to generate millions of dollars to help ease the suffering in some areas of Africa. The company partnered with several singer-celebrities for a recording that ultimately changed the course of Africa’s future in so many small, yet significant, ways. A quarter of a century later, Coca-Cola once again joined celebrities for charity with the contemporary version of the song released to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

For their charitable efforts, Coca-Cola has been named one of the 25 big companies donating millions for Haiti.

The industry giant has also invested over $82 million in communities around the world, with thousands of company associates rendering thousands of hours of community service. Whether it’s for the environment, health and wellness, disaster relief, education, or the community, the company allocates a significant percentage of their revenue for the betterment of the society.

Through their global foundation, Coca-Cola invests their time, expertise and resources to help develop and maintain vibrant and sustainable communities.