Ashok Bagdy has found a great deal of success as an upper-level executive in the outsourcing industry. In return, he gives back to the community through contributions and support. One nonprofit Bagdy supports is Sankara Nethralaya, an eye hospital with several locations throughout India. Founded in 1978, the hospital has spent more than three decades providing high-quality care to hundreds of thousands of patients, both from India and abroad. On average, the hospital receives 1,200 visitors, and the surgeons perform 100 surgeries every day.

The hospital’s mission statement is simple: to meet the needs of patients through ophthalmic care on behalf of a dedicated team of professional and experienced doctors. Sankara Nethralaya upholds other objectives as well, such as a commitment to meeting international standards, utilizing an effective infrastructure, and ensuring satisfaction for both patients and staff members. In addition, the hospital outlines several quality initiatives. In order to continuously improve facility quality, the hospital conducts air sampling and culture plates to test for sterility. Furthermore, the staff carefully monitors the usage of sterilized items in operation. Hospital staff follow a strict set of systems and procedures.

In addition to treating clients, Sankara Nethralaya also supports a research team through its Department of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Bioinformatics. The team researches many eye-related disorders, including cataracts, Eales disease, and diabetic retinopathy. On top of the research, the hospital also provides courses in ophthalmology for medical students and grants PhDs and other degrees. As a result of aid and donations from supporters like Ashok Bagdy, Sankara Nethralaya can continue to provide its much needed services.

To learn more about the hospital, visit SankaraNethralaya.org.