Since 2003, many schoolchildren in the San Francisco bay area have been treated to additional healthy lunch choices through the work and dedication of ChoiceLunch, a privately-run catering company.

Choicelunch focuses on using fresh, local ingredients as much as possible to create its online parent-selectable menu. In fact, according to the company’s website, many parents say that the best thing about being a ChoiceLunch customer is the ease of ordering lunches online. The process of becoming a ChoiceLunch client is a simple one: the parent signs up, pays, and selects the entrée online. Then, at lunch, the child goes to the same cafeteria that all the other children go to and picks up the entrée and selects his or her own snack, fruit, and drink.

At no time do the children need to worry about losing money or a lunch card; and at all times the parents have full control over what entrées their children eat. ChoiceLunch prides itself on the food that it serves. Professional chefs prepare all of their meals. On their website, they say, “We shop for our lunches the way you grocery shop for your family. We ask questions like: ‘How far did this lettuce travel?’ ‘Do you, as a grower, use pesticides or sprays?’ ‘What does your meat eat?’”

With all of the chatter these days about childhood obesity and lack of parent involvement in their children’s schooling, it is comforting to learn about a business that is helping kids stay healthy, while at the same time providing parents with a way to be more involved in the school lives of their children.