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It is a company that not only brings beauty to door-to-door, but opens them as well. For 125 years, Avon products have stood for beauty, optimism, and above all, women. This multi-level marketing company was founded in 1886. When David H. McConnell established Avon, he became the man behind a company specially made for women, thus empowering them in the coming decades.

To McConnell, the power of the product and of the people meant everything. He built Avon around this philosophy and dedicated his life in ensuring that it will be successful. After creating Avon’s first line of perfumes and recruiting his very first representative, the company went straight to the top. In just thirteen short years since its inception, the representatives’s ranks swelled from one to five thousand.

Avon’s success could not have been possible without the network of friendships its representatives have built over the years, as well as the breakthrough products that marry beauty and innovation. Time and again, their global team of scientists create revolutionary skincare products, at-home alternatives to pricey in-salon treatments, and so on. Their beauty line has made so many women feel and look their best, that last year, two out of five women worldwide purchased an Avon product.

In addition to skin care, Avon also creates color cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, jewelry, toys, and other accessories to cater to the needs of their consumers.

Avon is one of the most respected and reliable companies today, as it celebrates 125 years of calling. Countless women, and maybe even men, have been touched by Avon at some point in their lives, either through business or beauty. Their history of success can only mean a positive direction for the future.