CMS Energy has popularized their service in the country with the catchy, trademark slogan, “Count on Us.”  The public utility is the largest supplier of electric power and natural gas to Metro Detroit and most of Michigan, and has been since 1890. Building on trust and reliance, they grew to become a Fortune 1000 company with a customer base of 6 million.

One of the companies that survived the recession, CMS Energy has maintained their level of success through efficient system operations. On top of this, they are committed to a sense of corporate social responsibility, making them an admired faction in the energy industry.  CMS Energy went beyond their reach to give back to the community who has constantly been patronizing their services.  Their commitment to share their success benefits both the community and the environment they live in.

The founder of CMS Energy, William A. Foote, started the company’s philanthropic tradition by creating the Consumers Energy Foundation. This organization has touched countless lives and energized communities for over a century through their grants and corporate giving. They also support community-based nonprofit organizations in order to make communities more sustainable and vibrant, with better living conditions. Michigan alone has received over $5 million worth of contributions from the company.

CMS Energy is also an active watchdog for the environment – ironic as it may seem for an energy company. They address three areas of special focus, namely climate change, coal combustion byproducts, and water management. Their environmental stewardship began when the founders harnessed the power of Michigan Rivers to supply residents with electricity from a natural resource. With this feat, CMS is considered as one of the earliest known energy companies to utilize alternative, eco-friendly energy sources.

With these philanthropic endeavors, CMS Energy is at the top of the list of America’s most socially-relevant companies.