Black, square, and boring. These are the words that one would normally use to describe most camera bags. Jo Totes are an exception, however. Created with women photographers in mind, Jo Totes was launched in 2009 and offers a line of camera bags that are feminine, stylish, and colorful.

Lenswomen usually lug a purse and a camera bag around during photo shoots or when they just want to bring their camera along on walks or short trips. A Jo Tote solves this problem as it has enough room for both photographic gear and personal belongings such as makeup and keys.

Each Jo Tote features a high quality faux leather exterior, protective padded lining, and configurable interior pads that can be moved around to fit a variety of equipment. Most styles are water-resistant as well, so there’s nothing to worry about on rainy day photo shoots. In addition, Jo Totes are inconspicuous and do not announce to the world that one is carrying expensive cameras and lenses.