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Do you need medical insurance? Consider this: the later a serious disease is diagnosed, the higher the mortality rate. People without insurance end up in the hospital paying high costs for conditions that could have been affordably managed earlier. People without insurance also take over-the-counter medications instead of  prescriptions that can provided faster relief, thereby miss more days of work. Most people do not use medical insurance to treat the common cold; they buy it for worst-case scenarios, unwilling to risk everything should a major illness or catastrophe occur. But how can you possibly figure out the right coverage at a fair price when there are so many options?

Enter PJP Health Agency Inc., established in Garden City, New York, in 2008 and now serving customers in 45 states. The company offers a sophisticated, streamlined approach to meeting individual and family health care needs, including dental, hearing, vision, and prescription coverage. Offering a vast array of options, the agency conducts a free health care needs analysis for each potential customer. Just imagine, no more paying for unnecessary coverage. Do you need a comprehensive major medical plan? Supplemental major medical insurance? A per-cause deductible? Catastrophic health insurance? A limited medical plan? A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)? A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)? PJP Health Agency’s licensed agents find the optimal plans for each customer with minimal inconvenience.

Finding health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. On the Internet or by phone, the seasoned experts at PJP Health Agency can coordinate all the options at one source, making buying health and even life insurance a simple task with better policies at a lower price.