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Founded in 2008 by national freestyle snowboarding champion and biomedical engineer Sean Kelly and former US Naval Officer and internet marketing specialist Andrew Mackensen, HUMAN (Helping Unite Man and Nutrition) Healthy Vending is a Southern California-based company that franchises vending machines filled with nutritious eats and drinks. With a mission to end childhood obesity in the country, HUMAN Healthy Vending was named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes last year and was included in Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies of 2011 list.

Unlike conventional vending machines that peddle treats rich in fat, sugar, and sodium, HUMAN Healthy Vending machines are only stocked with healthy snacks, foods, and beverages such as coconut water, fruit bars, trail mixes, multivitamin packs, and organic coffees. All 1,000 plus products have undergone a health test and a taste test. Furthermore, each vending machine is equipped with modern features like credit card readers, remote monitoring technology, conveyor belts instead of the usual coils, and LCD screens that show nutritional data and streaming video.

The HUMAN Healthy Vending Family is composed of five members. “Joe HUMAN” grounds and brews fresh coffee on the spot, the “Arctic HUMAN” serves up frozen meals and snacks for summer days, and the “Hot HUMAN” prepares hot, comforting food in only a minute. The “Media Mogul”, which displays ads on a 23-inch LCD, is the company’s most popular model, while the “Rugged HUMAN” is designed to serve healthy snacks and drinks in outdoor locations.

With a commitment to promoting good eating habits and eradicating preventable diseases, HUMAN Healthy Vending stays true to its mission by donating 10 percent of its proceeds to charities that combat obesity and malnutrition. In addition to making nourishing grub easily accessible to consumers, the company also offers its franchisees customized product mixes and commissions that are higher than the industry average.