If it weren’t for breast cancer and the recession, Ratna Anagol probably wouldn’t have started her own business. A former top-level executive at McGraw Hill, Anagol decided to leave her position at the publishing house after her breast cancer diagnosis prompted her to rearrange her priorities. Convinced that working for herself was the best way to spend more time with her family, Anagol, who holds an MBA, opened the Zoom Room in 2011. Now, she gets to take her kids and dog along with her to work.

The Zoom Room, which has various locations across the United States, is a dog agility training center and canine social club. Equipped with all sorts of agility equipment, from weave poles to tunnels to jumps, the Zoom Room is designed to give pooches and their owners a place to get a good workout and spend some fun, quality time together.

Anagol enjoys working with fellow pet owners because they really love their animals. “They want to have a relationship with a dog that’s more than superficial,” she says.

Aside from canine agility training, the Zoom Room offers a broad range of obedience training classes, including puppy preschool, leash walking, therapy dog training, tricks training, and scent discrimination. The company has also designed the Shy Dog class for rescue dogs, Calm Down! for hyperactive pets, and Hollywood Dog Training for aspiring four-legged stars. The Zoom Room only uses methods that are based on positive reinforcement dog training techniques.

For special occasions, Zoom Room locations can be rented to throw canine birthday parties or host other events. They even offer birthday party packages, which include use of the dog agility course and “Hound Lounge”, party supplies, and Doggy Disco.

As a cancer survivor and mompreneur, Anagol has learned to live in the moment and keep her priorities straight. “The work never ends, but it will be there tomorrow.”