Few people would come up with a business idea while serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan, but that’s exactly what Marine Corps Major Robert Dyer and some of his fellow soldiers did. Tired of taking up to 20 different pills and capsules for extra endurance, the group came up with the concept of an all-in-one energy supplement.

Dyer worked on the idea as much as he could while on deployment and subsequently approached some major supplement companies. When they all said no, he and his wife Anna founded their own company, Noots! Nutrition, LLC in 2008. The next three years saw the husband and wife team collaborating with active duty soldiers, manufacturers, investors, and industry experts to develop and test their single-shot supplement, which they called RuckPack.

A natural energy booster for troops, athletes, and active people, RuckPack is packed with vitamins, electrolytes, herbs, and other ingredients, without any caffeine and sugar. Ten percent of the company’s profits are donated to various non-profit organizations.