You’ve seen them – the ill-designed, static presentations composed of nothing but boring text crammed into endless slides. Like most people, Kenny Nguyen has sat through at least one dull presentation. A business and accounting major at Louisiana State University (LSU), he came up with the idea for his business when a Fortune 500 executive visited the campus and gave a rather disappointing presentation.

After gathering less than a thousand dollars from an internship paycheck and his dad, Nguyen established Big Fish Presentations and began his mission to rid the world of horrible presentations. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the design firm helps clients create original and visually appealing presentations that will captivate audiences.

Nguyen, who is currently a junior at LSU, serves as the company’s CEO and leads a team of six employees, who are also full-time undergraduate students. With client bases in Louisiana and New York, Big Fish Presentations brought in a revenue $75,000 for its first fiscal year. Nguyen plans to add more services in the future and eventually grow the business to be worth at least a million dollars.