University of Tampa finance major Nick Chmura didn’t understand why his family kept giving him nutcrackers every year for 15 years. Not only was he getting gifts he didn’t like, he was terrible at picking things out for others as well. For a long time, he felt that he should be doing something to put an end to mismatched gifts, for his and everyone else’s sake.

In 2010, Chmura joined a pitch competition in Chicago as a member of the university’s entrepreneur club. His idea was a web-based application powered by Amazon and Facebook that would help users buy better gifts for their friends and family. Chmura’s entry ended up in the top 12, and a couple of months later, he received an email from an interested investor.

The app came to be known as Better Boo and was launched in August 2011. With 1,200 current users, it has since made an income of roughly $3,000 through Amazon affiliate sales. Chmura plans to continue working on Better Boo after graduation.