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Attorney Josh Gelb got married in 2009. His wife didn’t want to change her last name, however, as she found the name change process to be very inconvenient and online services to be inadequate or misleading. The following year, Gelb’s friend, Jake Wolff, whom he met at Fordham Law School, got hitched as well. Likewise, Wolff’s wife also thought that the legal name change process was too complicated. After talking to others who had similar sentiments, the two attorneys realized that there wasn’t any one-stop name change resource for newlyweds out there. Thus, hitchswitch was born.

Even before the hitchswitch website launched, Wolff and Gelb were already taking on clients, thanks to word of mouth. Since the website’s unveiling in mid-2011, hitchswitch has already helped thousands of married couples change their last names easily and quickly. According to them, the average newlywed spends 30 hours searching for and completing the forms they need to complete the legal name change process. Though, with hitchswitch, that amount of time becomes much, much less.

For $40, hitchswitch will prepare and pre-fill all the necessary forms, including an individualized name change letter, all of which will then be mailed to the client in a customized packet. The packet will also include personalized instructions and pre-stamped and addressed envelopes. The client only has to sign where indicated and mail the forms to the appropriate agencies.

“From the time they get the packet, it takes them about two minutes to sign, enter their Social Security number and go from there,” Wolff says.

In addition to helping newlyweds across the United States avoid the hassles of locating, filling out, and printing forms, hitchswitch gives back to the community as well by supporting breast and ovarian cancer research; a portion of the proceeds from every transaction goes to the cause.