Operated by Japanese digital media firm Loftwork, Fab Cafe is a new hangout and creative hub in Shibuya that opened just two months ago. Fab is short for “fabulous” and “fabrication”, and what makes this coffee shop unique is its communal laser cutting machine, which anyone can use for a fee.

Customers can share the VLS6.60 with two other people for half an hour for 2,000 yen, or about 25 USD. Meanwhile, those who would like to hog the machine will have to shell out 5,000 yen, which is around 63 USD. Users only need to bring their vector files to the cafe and the laser cutter will etch their designs onto a variety of materials, including paper, wood, felt, and acrylic.

One of the goals of Fab Cafe is to promote the culture of DIWO, which stands for Do It With Others. Unlike the DIY movement, DIWO is all about collaborative creation. Fab Cafe provides that space where people of various backgrounds can meet others who share their love of coffee and design.