In 2009, Assaf Wand began wondering why pill dispensers and other everyday items such as water bottles and garbage cans were so poorly made and visually unappealing. Seeing his wife and mother struggle to find vitamin and pill cases that were easy to use, nice to look at, and not embarrassing to take out in public, Wand started Sabi to create health and lifestyle products that were the opposite of what was currently available on the market.

Together with industrial design agency fuseproject, which was founded by Yves Béhar, Wand introduced his first product line this January. Called Vitality, it includes sleek and functional pill organizers and accessories that are intended to transform the act of taking vitamins and pills into a joyful experience.

Wand notes that while the baby boomer generation is the biggest population in the US, only five percent of marketing budgets are allocated to them. “I conducted over 5,500 surveys with this demographic and found that the group appreciates – and will pay for – design,” he says.

With Sabi’s debut line launched, Wand and company are now working on products for home and travel.