Started by a team of passionate cycling enthusiasts in 2005, Niner Bikes is a Torrance, California-based company that makes and sells mountain bikes with bigger wheels than normal. The 29-inch diameter wheels, which are 3 inches larger than regular ones, provide more control and stability, even on the roughest trails. According to the company, cyclists on Niners ride above the terrain, rather than in it.

To create a bike that didn’t require a learning curve, Niner didn’t just slap larger wheels on to an existing chassis; the company had to carry out a lot of work and testing to get it right. The result is an award-winning product that consists of a patented Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension design, a tapered headtube that offers better steering precision, and top quality carbon bike frames and components, among other advanced features.

Throughout the years, Niner bicycles have been critically acclaimed by various cycling magazines, including Bike, Dirt Rag, and Mountain Bike.