Need someone to talk to? Talktala is a new website that offers affordable group therapeutic conversations. Created by Oren Frank after consulting with Dr. Irving Yalom of Stanford, Talktala makes professional and supportive advice accessible to all. It also provides a safe environment where people can talk about their everyday challenges, such as addiction, stress at work, and relationship issues.

Group sessions can accommodate up to seven people and cost an average of $9.99 per hour, which is a lot cheaper than traditional therapy. Therapists who host the sessions are screened beforehand, so there’s no need to worry about spilling the beans to shady characters.

Talktala users can participate in meetings via text chat, audio, or video, and those who wish to stay anonymous can do so. For people who aren’t entirely comfortable sharing their story with a bunch of other people, Talktala offers one-on-one sessions for a higher rate as well.