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Daunting and expensive. These two words best describe the process of collecting art for many. One New York City startup wants to change that, however.

“We’re gonna disrupt the art world, we’re gonna turn it on its head,” says Alexis Tryon. She and Scott Carleton plan to turn everybody into an art collector with Artsicle, which they founded in 2010. The online rental and purchase platform helps you discover your art style with a simple quiz, a feature that new collectors will find particularly helpful. Once you’ve completed the quiz, Artsicle will suggest some artworks based on your taste. You can rent your favorites starting at $25 a month or purchase them if they end up growing on you.

Aside from turning art collecting into an activity that’s affordable, easy, and fun, Artsicle also helps artists make a living doing what they love. The company works with over a hundred rising artists, all of whom are hand-selected for their style and talent.