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A pioneer in the direct marketing sector, Inalink collaborates exclusively with professional and trade associations to design and implement cost-effective, results-oriented member participation and retention programs built on trust and conversation. Serving a client base that includes but is not limited to organizations in the healthcare/medical, financial, and scientific/engineering industries, Inalink believes that nothing matches the power of personalized communication, a foundational tenet of the company’s business model that informs every aspect of the strategic outreach initiatives it creates.

Recognizing that every association has differing needs when it comes to engaging existing members and acquiring new affiliates, Inalink customizes its relationship management tools to seamlessly align with a professional collective’s long-term vision for success. To this end, the experienced networking experts at Inalink devote a great deal of time and energy toward amassing a well-rounded understanding of organizational strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the future, fully utilizing this key information in one-on-one dialogue with members. Also aware of the additional challenges presented by today’s unpredictable economy and shifting technology landscape, Inalink offers a host of actionable plans geared toward lapsed member recovery. Supplementing these services with real-time tracking of member feedback, Inalink strives to ensure that associations remain fully abreast of pertinent concerns integral to both short-term expansion and longevity.

Extending targeted assistance with conference planning and promotion as well, Inalink works closely with its clients to raise awareness of important member events. Bolstering direct mail and email campaigns with follow-up phone call reminders, Inalink garners exceptional results for even the most time-sensitive gatherings, often increasing attendance by as much as 20 percent. Coupled with Inalink’s proprietary member profiling and data refresh programs, these services ideally compliment and enhance the basic marketing strategies used by organizations aiming to maintain an edge over the competition.