Chicago-based startup Elevate Digital is out to give traditional outdoor advertising a makeover with its interactive kiosks. Residents of Chicago may already be familiar with the digital displays, as they have been deployed across the city since December. The large touchscreens show various content such as news, city information, movie trailers, and local Groupon deals that can be purchased right then and there using the built-in card reader. The kiosks even let people take pictures and video and send them to Facebook or email.

According to Elevate Digital CEO George Burciaga, his company’s displays are more engaging than traditional media. Their effectiveness is more measurable, too, as they are able to monitor how people interact with them based on the information users enter.

Elevate Digital currently has 38 kiosks around Chicago. Together, they receive about 500,000 interactions per month – and counting. The company plans to place the displays in Miami and New York next.

[via Inc.]