Based in Israel, Agilite is a professional tactical gear manufacturer founded by Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans. Backed by a team with extensive experience in forward combat zones, Agilite makes intelligent equipment designed to provide military, security, and law enforcement professionals an edge even in the most difficult of missions, terrain, and weather conditions.

The company’s latest product is the Injured Personal Carrier (IPC), a 0.77-lb. high-tensile strap that allows soldiers to evacuate their fallen friends by carrying them like a human backpack. Evacuating the injured is one of the biggest challenges of war; as a matter of fact, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Pentagon have been considering the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to fly wounded troops out of danger.

Agilite’s IPC, which retails for $94.95, is intended to replace the fireman’s carry and can hold up to 2,000 lbs. According to the company, it is the only evacuation method that keeps both of the carrier’s hands free. The IPC takes only seconds to secure onto the wounded soldier, who can then be carried on their comrade’s back easily and comfortably for extended periods. The design was inspired by many Israeli Defense Forces units’ practice of fastening four rifle strings together to form an improvised backpack. Aside from soldiers, the IPC is also ideal for firefighters, hikers, and emergency responders. And while extremely strong, the system is very lightweight and can be folded into a compact size.

Agilite’s other wares include the Tactical Hi-Vest, which is the company’s signature product. Developed for years within Israeli Special Forces units, the Tactical Hi-Vest is one of the most advanced load-bearing systems in the world today, able to house up to a dozen 30 round M4 magazines, binoculars, and other gear. Agilite also markets various plate carriers, slings, assault packs, search and rescue harnesses, and modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE).