Despite having achieved professional success, Vishwa Prakash still felt that something was missing. Hence, he went on a quest to look for the meaning of life – and came across laughter yoga. Since training under laughter yoga pioneer Dr. Madan Kataria in 2000, Prakash has been spreading laughter and joy around the world, opening laughter clubs across Asia, conducting workshops, and training hundreds of laughter leaders in Asia and the US. Laughter yoga is a series of gentle breathing and yogic exercises that ultimately lead to “a crescendo of excited belly laughter.” The practice is reported to offer a variety of health benefits, including reduced physical and mental stress, increased energy levels, and a stronger immune system.

In 2004, Prakash opened Yogalaff in New York’s garment district. The weekly laughter yoga workshops are free and open to everyone. Prakash also teaches laughter classes to corporate clients for a fee, starting at $250.