At DoGoodBuyUs, the word “shop” stands for “simply helping other people.” That’s because the company isn’t just an online retailer that sells stuff; it’s actually a platform where non-profit organizations can reach a community of caring consumers, and thereby raise awareness and money for their causes. This “marketplace for social good/s” was founded by Zack Rosenberg, who came up with the idea during a trip to the grocery store with his son, when he saw that some cereal products contained several ingredients he had never of. Knowing that he wasn’t the only conscious consumer out there, Rosenberg was inspired to start a website that not only offered quality products but also helped make the world a better place.

DoGoodBuyUs is now the largest marketplace of charity-made products, selling over 400 items from more than 80 organizations. The often handmade products range from T-shirts to soap to tumblers to coffee and support a number of good causes such as animals, health, the environment, and education. Every product is made by a non-profit or on behalf of one, allowing anyone to do good just by purchasing something.

Believing that making a difference in the world can be accomplished through small, simple, daily actions, DoGoodBuyUs helps its non-profit partners raise the funds they need to keep doing their work, without having to worry about advertising, fulfillment, and other retail matters. According to Rosenberg, his company takes a large burden off of these organizations’ shoulders.

And despite some early setbacks, DoGoodBuyUs is now a steadily growing business. Rosenberg says his proudest moments so far are making the company’s first full-time hire, acquiring the amount of partners they currently have, and being able to help others. He hopes that DoGoodBuyUs will have donated more than $250,000 to its partners a year from now and be around for generations to come.