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Founded in 2001, Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) is one of the largest travel and entertainment providers in the United States. The privately held company, which has offices in Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York, is led by president and CEO Brett D. Reizen. One of the original co-founders of EBG, Reizen has started and overseen many of the company’s programs since day one. Like many companies, EBG had humble beginnings. As Reizen shares, he didn’t buy any new furniture during the first six years of business.

Today, EBG handles the entertainment and travel incentives of more than 4,500 corporations, reaching over 34 million users every year. Entertainment Benefits Group operates TicketsAtWork, the biggest amusement corporate benefits program in the world. TicketsAtWork offers hundreds of exclusive discounts on travel and entertainment that are not available to the general public; partner establishments include Universal Studios, Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney World, and Broadway and Las Vegas shows.