The ZebraCard isn’t just a business card, it’s a business card that has evolved. The brainchild of entrepreneur Nick Carter, the ZebraCard contains your contact information, plus a QR code or barcode that, when scanned, leads to a digital business card. This allows you to provide more data than can be placed on a physical business card, including images and links to your social profiles. Additionally, you don’t have to print a new set of cards every time you change your number or address. Just update your details on the cloud, and anyone who has your ZebraCard will always have access to your latest information. Analytics are another cool feature of the ZebraCard; it lets you see who has scanned your card and how they interacted with your data.

“[A QR code] makes capturing the data off of your card easier for the recipient,” says Carter. “If the recipient is tech-savvy, you saved them a lot of typing by offering this little digital marker.”