Earlier this year, Eric Hinson quit his job at renowned digital agency Rockfish Interactive to start his own company after deciding that agency life wasn’t his thing. Despite not having any business experience and outside funds, he founded Explainify, an animation and video studio that specializes in making “explainer” videos. Having made videos for major clients while at Rockfish, Hinson brings extensive experience to the table. Along with his wife Krista and Stuart Lippincott, he helps clients explain their brand and engage viewers through short, to-the-point stories that do not exceed 90 seconds, which is the attention span of the average video watcher.

After getting to know the client’s brand and goals, Explainify creates a script and visual style. Once the storyboard is approved, the startup will produce a professional animated video complete with design sound and voice-over. Based in Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas, Explainify has made explainer videos for Collective Bias, Brush Monkey, ShowThis, and more.