An attorney, pilot, airline executive, and U.S. Air Force veteran, David Pflieger possesses multi-disciplinary experience at low-cost carriers and major airlines in everything from flight operations and government matters to finance, maintenance, and human resources. He served as a key member of the start-up teams for Delta-Song and Virgin America airlines and has accumulated more than 3,800 flight hours in a variety of military and civilian aircraft. David Pflieger also acted as a B-52 Instructor Pilot in the Air Force and as a C-130 Aircraft Commander and Officer-in-Charge in the Air Force Reserve.

In other words, the man knows aircraft, and he knows what it takes to get an airline off the ground and to maintain it. In May 2010, he joined the struggling Air Pacific Limited in Fiji as Managing Director and CEO. Air Pacific, the country’s national carrier; and its regional subsidiary, Pacific Sun, were bleeding cash. David Pflieger applied a tourniquet and brought the company back to health. Now, in fact, it’s flourishing. How did he accomplish this feat in so short a time, you ask? By using his knowledge of the industry and leadership skills, and by making the hard decisions. He downsized both airlines, got rid of outdated aircraft and added new planes, and built a new management team. He also utilized his negotiating skills, honed as a practicing attorney, to forge new management and union contracts.

Additionally, he improved both on-time performance and customer satisfaction. As fuel costs increased by 28 percent, he cut year-over-year fuel costs by 8 percent. The bottom line? David Pflieger reduced operating losses from more than F$90 to F$3million in less than a year, turning an F$65 net loss into an F$24 million net profit. The company’s 900 employees and 15 aircraft now bring in a gross annual revenue exceeding F$580 million.
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