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Launched in 2007 by Anne O’Loughlin and Gina Williams, Autonomie Project is a fair trade fashion company that offers stylish, eco-friendly, and vegan apparel and accessories for children, adults, and pets. The founders started the company to create a “truly wearable and affordable ethical clothing brand,” which they felt was lacking in the social marketplace.

Autonomie Project works exclusively with fair trade-certified facilities and small, independent cooperatives in developing nations to bring inexpensive yet high quality garments to consumers. The company also allots a portion of its funds to helping improve these areas. Additionally, Autonomie Project carries out eco-friendly practices whenever possible at both the operational and manufacturing levels – only organic cotton, FSC rubber, and other environmentally friendly materials are used in its products.

A certified B Corporation, Autonomie Project was a finalist for the Eileen Fisher Woman-Owned Business Grant Program in 2009 and received the A+ and Green Hero rankings in The Better World Shopping Guide in 2010.