Founded by Christopher Brereton, PictureHealing is a DIY app builder for the non-profit community. Originally a photo storage site that lets users support their favorite charities, PictureHealing now provides non-profits with technology solutions that are affordable and effective. PictureHealing’s customizable app allows non-profits to accept donations easily (without any cuts), recruit volunteers, promote upcoming events and fundraisers, link to their Instagram and Flickr profiles, update their Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place, integrate their blog feed, and more. Charities only pay when they’re ready to launch their app, which is $25 per month plus a $200 setup fee.

Brereton says they’ve kept their prices “ridiculously low” so charities can spend money on their mission. A certified B Corporation, PictureHealing counts Habitat for Humanity, Music Saves Lives, the Fender Music Foundation, Project Kindle, and The Peacock Foundation among its customers. Brereton’s advice to other entrepreneurs? “Stop making cool ideas and start creating solutions!”