Headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, GreenLine Paper Company calls itself “America’s Green Office Supply,” having offered sustainable and eco-friendly products since 1992. Owned and operated by environmentalists, GreenLine sells only recycled and tree-free office papers, notepads, and filing supplies. The company’s broad product range also includes other goods such as recycled tissues and towels, toner cartridges, kitchenware and food containers, natural cleaning products, and fair trade and organic coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Recognized by the Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Business Network for business and environmental excellence, GreenLine adheres to stringent waste minimization and recycling practices within its organization. The company reuses shipping cartons to ship its products and packs its boxes with recyclable paper or biodegradable “peanuts” instead of the conventional polystyrene foam versions. Earlier this year, GreeLine signed on UPS’s Carbon Neutral shipping program to offset its emissions. Though the program isn’t free, it is a worthwhile investment for the company. As president Stephen Baker says, “We are proud to spend a little more per package to bring carbon neutrality into our shipments and confidence to our customers.”

Aside from following internal environmental policies, GreenLine also supports people and organizations that are working to keep the planet green. Every year, the company donates 1 percent of its after-tax profits to Conservatree Paper in San Francisco, California and The Environmental Paper Network in Asheville, North Carolina. Moreover, GreenLine works with local and independent suppliers, especially mills and manufacturers that are dedicated to utilizing recovered or alternative fiber resources and minimizing pollution during the production process.

Since its inception, GreenLine has won accolades for its contribution to nature conservation and sustainable living, including the 2008 Triple Bottom Line and 2009 Investing in Nature awards. With a commitment to the long-term success of paper recycling, GreenLine pledges to meet customers’ expectations for quality environmental products and practices.