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Founded by Veer Gidwaney and Vinay Gidwaney, DailyFeats is a web and mobile app that helps people accomplish small but significant actions or “feats” that add up to big change. Use DailyFeats to meet your goals, whether it’s losing weight, decluttering your home, saving more money, becoming more productive, or something else. The New York-based company believes that change begins with small actions and that even simple, positive choices should be celebrated. As you make progress on DailyFeats, you earn points that you can exchange for real-life rewards such as printable vouchers at local US businesses, a 12-month subscription to O Magazine, or a $5 eBay gift certificate. You can also use your points to donate to non-profits like Companions for Heroes and the American Heart Association.

DailyFeats envisions a world where people reach their potential daily. And by helping people live better, society as a whole becomes better as well.