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Torrence Boone holds Managing Director of Agency Development responsibilities with the Internet search engine pioneer Google, Inc. Established in 1998 as a startup venture, Google had its initial public offering in 2004. Over the past decade, the multinational firm has diversified significantly beyond its status as the world’s largest advanced search engine platform. In particular, a combination of acquisitions and organic growth has led to the development of distinct desktop and online productivity tools.

Another area of Google expansion involves the linux-based Chrome OS browser, which enables the seamless accessing of web applications through tablet PC and notebook devices. Reflecting the firm’s central role in developing the mobile Android operating system, Chrome for Android has recently emerged from beta status. Chrome for iOS has also been launched, enabling iPhone users to access the firm’s groundbreaking immersive multimedia platform.

Torrence Boone’s role with Google involves working with major Madison Avenue constituents to drive advertising-industry growth through his firm’s technologies. The relationships he sustains with agencies spans every stage of product development, ensuring that new products incorporate their creative vision, feedback, and concerns.

In a recent Adweek interview, Mr. Boone points to new innovations such as Nexus Q, Google+ Events, and Google Glass as pivotal technology enablers. These products allow firms to take a creative, flexible, and highly targeted approach to branding and consumer experience. Torrence Boone particularly points to the Android tablet PC Nexus 7 as a game-changer in that it offers users access to an “immersive brand experience.”