One summer afternoon in 2009, Rick Keijzer took his baby daughter Day on her first bike ride. He strapped her into the infant seat on his bike’s handlebars and pedaled away with care. Still, riding with an unfamiliar weight caused Keijzer to lose his balance and almost crash. Right away, he became aware that Day needed a helmet. He also realized that kids don’t like wearing helmets because they find them uncool and uncomfortable. Keijzer then had an aha moment – why not make protective headgear for kids that’s fun, comfortable, safe, and suitable for nearly any sport? Quality helmets that kids would want to wear and give parents peace of mind? Hence, the following year, he and three friends, all of whom are “professional parents,” founded EGG.

Headquartered in Holland, EGG designs and distributes customizable children’s helmets. Created to provide safety for the most popular and non-motorized street, water, and snow sports, EGG helmets aim to make kids say “I want a helmet” instead of “I need a helmet.” Waterproof and washable, EGG helmets feature a patented layered construction comprising an ABS outer shell, a flexible EPP safety core, and an EVA comfort core. This makes EGG the first flexible helmet with a sandwich construction and allows it to fit a broad range of head shapes.

Kids can personalize their helmet by choosing from a variety of skins and add-ons. Made of high quality stretch fabric, EGG skins are specifically designed to slip over the helmet’s retro shape without wrinkling. Adding more fun and personality to EGG helmets are soft rubber add-ons such as a princess crown, fruit stalk, mohawk, and horns. Customers can attach up to three add-ons to their helmet – this does not compromise the headgear’s safety as they pop off in the event of an impact.

EGG helmets are currently available in two sizes for children ages 4-12. In the near future, the company will offer an adult size, as well as more skins and add-ons.