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A continually dominant sports broadcasting enterprise formed in 1979, ESPN, Inc. maintains a competitive market edge thanks to a rich assortment of multimedia media programming ventures the network undertakes in collaboration with ABC, Inc. Headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, ESPN employs a staff of 6,500-plus worldwide, 3,900 of who lend their skills to the company’s domestic operations.

Responsible for managing ESPN’s event production projects in the United States and abroad, Senior Vice President Jed Drake is also one of the network’s most accomplished executive producers. Part of the ESPN family for more than 30 years, Drake has earned a well deserved reputation as a forward-thinking supervisor thanks to the many innovations he has implemented over the course of his tenure with the company. Credited with developing ESPN’s Major League Baseball telecast arm early in his career, Jed Drake also facilitated the introduction of ESPN HD and launched the popular sports segments the K Zone (basketball), and 1st at Ten (football), among numerous other achievements.

Under Drake’s deft direction, ESPN recently undertook several bold new endeavors that will ensure the corporation’s success in the decades to come. Aside from establishing ESPN 3D, a network that showcases approximately 100 events, Drake has worked fastidiously to bolster and expand ESPN’s English-language FIFA World Cup soccer coverage since 2010. A large scope project that highlights what Drake describes as the company’s “long-term commitment” to a sport enjoyed by fans across the globe, ESPN’s plans for FIFA World Cup soccer telecasts include hiring non-American match announcers and televising a greater number of games across the board. Although viewers in the United States have yet to demonstrate the enthusiasm expressed by soccer fans worldwide, Jed Drake recognizes the viable potential of an untapped, quickly burgeoning market and aims to leverage this demand in ESPN’s favor. Providing audiences with unsurpassed programming that can be accessed through multiple platforms stands apart as a key aspect the network’s proven business model, a focus that Drake and his team capably promote with their efforts.