Founded by semiconductor industry veteran Scott Harris, Reach-In is a Boise, Idaho-based company that specializes in real-time, remote control technology. Among the solutions it offers is iPet Companion, a “live kitty portal” that lets cat lovers play with felines in shelters remotely, even if they’re on the the other side of the world.

The iPet Companion website hosts live video streams from nine different animal shelters in the US, including the Oregon Humane Society, the Arizona Animal Welfare League, and the Foothills Animal Shelter in Denver. Using your computer, you can control the webcam and the toys in the room to play with the cats and keep them entertained.

Participating shelters report that installing iPet Companion has led to increases in kitten adoptions, sponsorships, and overall web traffic. The iPet Companion site has seen visitors from more than 170 countries around the world, with the average user staying 28 minutes to play with the cats.