Founded by married couple Manu and Pip Bhardwaj in 2011, Hot Pink is a London-based, family owned independent jeweler that offers custom made engagement rings. When it was time for him to propose, Manu thought he could not call himself a “proper engineer” if he just bought a generic engagement ring off the shelf. A mechanical engineer who is well-versed in CAD, he felt he had to contribute to the design of the perfect ring. After weeks of visiting various jewelers and researching online, Manu ended up designing the ring himself in CAD. And while only a few goldsmiths in the UK were willing to turn his design into reality, those who were would only charge for their time and the materials used since he had already done the design work.

After getting hitched, Manu and Pip started Hot Pink to provide others with the opportunity to create the ring they want. Hot Pink uses the latest in 3D ring design software, allowing customers to design any style of ring and see an HD photorealistic model of the product before it is finalized. With full creative control from start to finish, customers can design a ring from scratch or take a few features of other rings and put them together. Either way, the result is a completely bespoke ring; Hot Pink guarantees that no design is ever sold twice. Additionally, all of the jeweler’s diamonds are conflict-free and comply with the Kimberley Process.

Hot Pink also offers a “proposal service” that takes the pressure off popping the question. Instead of making the ring from precious metals and natural gemstones, Hot Pink will create a replica using sterling 925 silver and Swarovski gemstones. This significantly reduces the cost of the ring without compromising on its appearance, so in case the partner doesn’t like the design or fit, the customer wouldn’t be left with empty pockets.