Launched in May 2007, Atayne is a manufacturer of high performing outdoor and athletic apparel based in Brunswick, Maine. Catering to the eco-active community, the company makes men’s and women’s gear that is safe for people and the planet. Founder Jeremy Litchfield started Atayne after using a new red performance shirt for the first time during a run. By the time he had completed his run, his lower body, shorts, socks, and shoes were all covered in red dye, prompting him to wonder what nasty chemicals were being put in conventional athletic apparel. Litchfield subsequently learned that performance gear was produced using out-of-date technologies that harmed people and the environment, although there were newer technologies that were safer and more efficient. Hence, Litchfield founded Atayne to “inspire positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles.”

Guided by the principle “performance with a point of view,” Atayne designs and develops activewear made from 100 percent recycled polyester, which performs just as well as virgin polyester. Because the raw material for recycled polyester fabric is post-consumer plastic bottles, it takes 70 percent less energy to make. Additionally, using this type of fabric allows the company to help prevent plastic bottles from ending up in landfills (8 to 12 bottles per garment, depending on the size). And unlike other manufacturers that use 30 to 50 percent recycled content in its products, Atayne is committed to using 100 percent recycled materials in all of its apparel.

True to its mission to inspire positive environmental and social change, Atayne also organizes trash runs, consults with events on lowering their environmental impact, and keeps its production in America. Moreover, Atayne has a garment takeback program that rewards consumers for turning in their fully worn polyester garments. But instead of recycling them immediately, Atayne checks if these materials can be turned into new products in their existing state first.