Founded in 2006, New Resource Bank is a financial institution that aims to change what it means to do “business as usual.” Headquartered in San Francisco, California, New Resource believes that together, businesses can have a positive impact in the world. As “the bank for people who are leading the way to a more sustainable world,” New Resource supports individuals, businesses, and non-profits that are addressing today’s environmental, social, and economic issues. The organization, which seeks to advance sustainability in every aspect of its operations, sees banking not only as a service but also as a way to create a better world.

Consequently, New Resource Bank offers solar and green lending programs as well as a debit card that generates donations for charities. The majority of the bank’s loans support sustainable businesses, including those in the green building, clean energy, and organic food sectors. New Resource also works with non-profits to help them advance their mission, increase donations, and save money. Additionally, New Resource Bank adheres to green policies in its day-to-day operations, offsetting 100 percent of its energy usage in its LEED certified offices, among others.