Hailing from humble roots in Salt Lake City, Utah, David Jorgensen devoted decades to building an impressive resume as an entrepreneur and high-level executive in Silicon Valley technology circles. A Co-Founder of the Katun Corporation and the former Chief Executive Officer of Dataquest, Inc., Mr. Jorgensen has spent the past ten years deeply engrossed in a variety of personal philanthropic endeavors and public charitable initiatives. Holding graduate level degrees in business administration and engineering from the University of Washington and Stanford University, respectively, Mr. Jorgensen entered into the professional arena when he accepted a position with Boeing in the early 1960s. After a productive tenure with the aerospace manufacturer, David Jorgensen joined the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) as a consultant and began his doctoral studies in engineering, an academic endeavor that he put on hold to launch a computer start-up venture he subsequently sold to venture capitalists for a small profit in 1970.

David Jorgensen achieved a longtime professional goal in 1979 when he launched the Katun Corporation, a tangible success that eventually afforded him the freedom to step away from the demanding lifestyle inextricably linked to running a global technology enterprise. Today, Mr. Jorgensen channels his energy toward the National Philanthropy Board of the Pacific Legal Foundation, an organization of which he is an active member, and his responsibilities as the President of the David & Annette Jorgensen Foundation.

Through the David & Annette Jorgensen Foundation, Mr. Jorgensen supports a wide array of non-profit entities in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding locales. In recent years, the Foundation has provided funding to cultural organizations of all sizes including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Tahoe Maritime Museum, and the Museum Society. Community youth groups such as the Study Buddy Project and Challenge Learning Center that have markedly benefited from David Jorgensen’s generosity as well. The Foundation additionally provides backing to the California Academy of Sciences, the Center for Independent Thought, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Cato Institute, and the Free to Choose Network, to name a few.