Licensed to provide home loans and refinancing solutions in 38 states across the country, Rockville, Maryland-based WEI Mortgage Corporation recently celebrated 10 years in business catering to an ever-expanding and widely varied clientele. Originally established as a mortgage brokerage firm, WEI built its reputation as one of the Washington metropolitan area’s most dependable sources for residential loan origination and servicing by emphasizing complete customer satisfaction as a primary defining corporate mission. Shortly after its inception, the company branched out to become a direct mortgage lender, a forward-thinking transition that spurred quick growth during a booming period in the American real estate sector.

Setting a standard of excellence in the lending industry thanks to the talent and dedication of its capable staff, WEI garners consistent accolades for its work and enjoys an exceptional approval rating form the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition to WEI’s superior BBB record, the organization received a Top Lender Award from Maryland’s Community Development Administration in 2010. Selected as the winner of a Quality Lender Award that same year, WEI has weathered an economic downturn that forced many of its competitors to end operations, a feat due in no small part to the company’s unsurpassed ethical standards and targeted focus on creating strong relationships with vendors and clients alike.

As an active member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, WEI channels considerable resources toward organizing and implementing regular educational training initiatives for all employees. By remaining fully up-to-date regarding the mortgage sector’s latest regulatory changes, WEI is able to function in total compliance with state and federal lending mandates, both a boon and a necessity for any enterprise striving for long-term success in a markedly challenging and high-stakes field. Launched with the simple belief that every homebuyer deserves access to a loan that ideally addresses the complete spectrum of his or her financial and personal needs, WEI holds fast to its foundational vision and continues to reap the rewards of a commendably people-first business strategy.