As the world’s largest sportswear enterprise and a multinational corporation affiliated with a vast array of today’s most accomplished athletes, Nike, Inc. wields considerable influence in the modern consumer marketplace. The company built its unique identity by highlighting the best aspects of human physical potential and translating those qualities into a viable marketing strategy, an achievement of noteworthy magnitude facilitated by a group of highly skilled business professionals operating at the top of their game. Distinguished as a key member of Nike’s leadership team for two decades, Davide Grasso currently acts as Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, a post he assumed in 2010 following a productive tenure as Vice President of Global Football Marketing. Aside from his work directing advertising and growth strategy with vision and creativity, Grasso has devoted a great deal of time and energy toward promoting digital technology as an integral element of Nike’s current operational model.

Under Davide Grasso’s supervision, Nike has recently shifted its marketing focus away from the old model, an approach that relied heavily on expensive top-down campaigns featuring well-known personalities in the sports world. Although Grasso and his team experienced considerable success in the past with traditional, non-interactive marketing, the recent attention paid to digital integration has proven extremely effective, particularly when it comes to Nike’s core customer group. With adolescent consumers spending 20 percent more on footwear than their adult counterparts, Davide Grasso and the marketing group at Nike have opted to channel a decreasing amount of resources toward television ad production.

Leveraging the power of social networking in online communities instead, Davide Grasso and his colleagues are incorporating ambush advertising, public relations, and even live retail events to connect with consumers in an actionable manner. Forecasting 2015 revenue numbers at $28 – 30 billion, Nike continues to expand its interest on a global scale, from new ventures in the expanding Chinese market to an official sponsorship deal with the National Football League that took effect in 2012.