Founded in 2001 by Bill Leep, Better Way Imports seeks to end sex trafficking in the developing world by partnering with organizations that are working to give victims a better future. Roughly 80 percent of sexual slaves are women who fall into the trap of human trafficking due to lack of skills and education and extreme poverty. As local fair trade organizations offer them the opportunity to earn a living wage and regain their dignity, Better Way Imports gives them access to the North American market they would not have otherwise.

By distributing products made by women in poor countries, Better Way Imports helps underprivileged individuals support themselves, encouraging a permanent way out of poverty and oppression. Believing that developing nations do not only need charity, Better Way Imports builds long-term, sustainable business relationships with their partner organizations to put an end to human trafficking. In 2011, the company was able to help 525 women get out or stay out of prostitution.