Based in South Mashpee, Massachusetts, Bum Boosa Bamboo Products makes bamboo-based, family-friendly personal care products that are good for people and the planet. President Sonja Sheasley founded the company in 2009 out of her love for family’s health and concern for the environment’s well-being. Currently, Bum Boosa distributes a distinctive, high quality line of products that includes award-winning baby wipes derived from bamboo fibers, tree-free bathroom tissues made from 100 percent bamboo pulp, and an herbal diaper rash ointment that contains bamboo powder and other natural ingredients. In addition, 100 percent flushable bamboo diaper liners are slated to launch soon.

Part of Bum Boosa’s mission is to provide safer and more sustainable alternatives to disposable personal care products, as baby wipes are often made from synthetic polymer fibers from petroleum and bathroom tissues are commonly made from tree pulp. Furthermore, billions of baby wipes are thrown into landfills every year. By replacing the above materials with renewable bamboo fibers, deforestation and plastic in landfills can be reduced.

Beyond their products, Bum Boosa works to improve industry standards by offsetting 35 tons of carbon each year and supporting reforestation programs through Trees for the Future. During their first two years of business, Bum Boosa planted 26,600 trees in Brazil, Burundi, and Ghana. As of July 2012, the company has planted over 47,000 trees in Africa, Brazil, and Haiti. Moreover, most Bum Boosa products are manufactured at facilities that use 100 percent wind power.

As part of a new generation of green businesses, Bum Boosa defines success not just by sales alone, but also by how well they educate and inspire consumers to make good choices. A women-owned and operated certified B Corporation, Bum Boosa has received a Green Parents’ List Award and their baby wipes was named one of Organic Baby University’s favorite products.