klean kanteenIn 2002, years before mainstream media reported on the dangers of BPA, Robert Seals invented Klean Kanteen, the original stainless steel BPA-free water bottle. After putting together the first prototype with items he got from the local hardware store in Chico, California, he introduced the 27-oz. Klean Kanteen Classic, the first BPA-free metal bottle on the market, in 2004 to give people a safer option than existing plastic and lined aluminum containers. The following year, the Cresswell family took over the company and have since developed a constantly expanding line of durable stainless steel food and beverage containers to replace plastic and end single-use container pollution.

Headed by brother-and-sister team Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer, Klean Kanteen is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality products that promote a healthy lifestyle, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. With a wide selection of products that are good for both people and the planet, Klean Kanteen makes reusable food and beverage containers that are simple, durable, and designed to be the “right tool for the job.” Not all alternatives to single-use plastic are the same, and Klean Kanteen strives to offer only responsible solutions that are created with health, sustainability, and safety in mind. More than just a feel good choice, Klean Kanteen products are made to last a lifetime and perform better than the plastic, aluminum, and paper wares they are intended to replace.

Over the years, Klean Kanteen has worked to lower their environmental footprint. In 2008, the company became a member of 1% for the Planet, donating more than 1 percent of their annual sales to non-profits that protect the environment. Klean Kanteen has also adopted business policies that support green and fair labor practices and has partnered with non-profits and other organizations that raise awareness about health and environmental issues. Additionally, Klean Kanteen became a certified B Corporation last year.