The only organic and natural skin care line for athletes and active people, Skin Care for Athletes was founded by Taylor Sparks, a certified holistic aromatherapist and endurance athlete. With years of experience working for skin care companies such as Artistry and Estee Lauder, Sparks developed her first skin care line, Morning Indigo, out of necessity. After going through some financial difficulties, Sparks couldn’t afford to buy her favorite natural body products anymore so she decided to make her own for herself and her family. Her son suggested that she begin selling them, and so her business was born.

Sparks began training for her first half marathon in 2003 and went on to complete more endurance events. She noticed that during training, her skin dried out due to showers, chlorine, and exposure to wind and the sun. Some of her fellow endurance athletes asked if she could create a body moisturizer that was easily absorbed and a body wash that could remove dirt and chlorine without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Sparks got to work, and subsequently developed the Tri-Body collection. Since then, she has come up with more natural and organic skin care products that protect athletes and fitness enthusiasts from dry, cracked skin; acne breakouts; staph infections; and athlete’s foot.

Skin Care for Athletes offers several products for weekend warriors, runners, bikers, swimmers, marathoners, triathletes, high school and college athletes, and pro athletes. All Skin Care for Athletes products are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, mineral oil, man-made fragrances, synthetic preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. Furthermore, Skin Care for Athletes is a certified cruelty-free brand that does not test on animals, does not purchase raw ingredients from suppliers that test on animals, and does not include animal products or animal by-products in its products. The company has also made a commitment to preserving the environment, using recyclable PET bottles for packaging and recycled shipping materials such as PaperNuts.