Based in Livonia, Michigan, Superfly Kids specializes in handmade superhero capes, outfits, and accessories for kids (and adults). The company’s story began in 2006, when co-founder Holly Bartman made capes to give away at her son’s fourth birthday party. The capes were a hit, and a friend suggested selling them. Three years later, after the business outgrew Bartman’s bedroom, Superfly Kids moved to an old winery building in Farmington, where Bartman met Justin Draplin.

Draplin, who was also running his own business and renting space in the building, saw that Bartman’s approach was all wrong and gradually sold off his marketing company to help expand Superfly. He handled customer service, billing, and operations, as well as researched on ways to reach new customers.

In 2012, Superfly Kids brought in revenues of $2.4 million, growing more than 1,800 percent over a three-year period. The company now employs 17 people who make all the capes, masks, and cuffs by hand.