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Both newly single after years of being in long-term relationships, best friends Margaret Rode and Becca Feroe were “freaked out” by the thought of having to start dating again in their late twenties. Now that they had to consider online dating, they realized that the current scene was uncomfortable and unnatural. Thus, the pair decided to start their own online dating business and founded doublesDate.

Based in Chicago, doublesDate aims to help singles have more fun in their city and experience less awkwardness on their date. The site encourages users to meet online and each bring a wingman or wingwoman when they get together offline for the first time. Additionally, doublesDate provides a list of date ideas, connecting users to various local events and venues in Chicago.

Rode and Feroe continue to work full-time day jobs while they run doublesDate. Though they describe their typical day as “frantic”, they are enjoying being startup founders.